Service Levels

Utilizing a combination of our asset-based fleet, Great Lakes Cold Logistics, and our dedicated carrier partners, Coldstream Logistics has maintained a 98%+ on-time delivery average for 15+ years.  

Even in 2020 and 2021, despite a historic capacity shortage, a warehouse fire, and a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, we managed to maintain our industry-leading service levels – an accomplishment we’re very proud of!

Walmart Pool Consolidation

Coldstream Logistics manages three of Walmart’s highest performing LTL Pool Consolidation programs.  We proudly offer service to all 45 temperature-controlled Walmart Distribution Centers from each of our hubs each week and maintain a “best in class” on-time delivery rate of 98%+.   

With no minimum order quantity, customized rate packages, and strategic geographic locations, our Walmart program caters to all vendors, small and large.   

Nationwide Frozen LTL

In addition to our Walmart Pool Consolidation Program, Coldstream Logistics is proud to offer service to nearly every major grocery chain in the U.S. Please contact us for pricing and more information.   

Asset-Based Trucking

Over the past decade, most LTL Providers have moved to a “brokerage only” model, choosing to outsource their transportation to third party carriers.  Running a fleet and managing the liability that goes along with it is very costly, and as such, our competitors have made the decision not to own trucks. But what happens when market conditions tighten and there are no trucks available? 

Coldstream Logistics has maintained the philosophy that to offer top tier service, we must have our own assets to back up our customer commitments. To that end, we’ve continued to invest in our fleet, technologies, and drivers. With late model equipment and highly experienced drivers on the road, our asset-based trucking company, Great Lakes Cold Logistics, is always on standby to assure your product is delivered safely and on time. 

Full-Service Brokerage

With 75 years of combined experience, our in-house brokerage team is ready to handle your most demanding projects. The carrier relationships we’ve cultivated over the years have allowed us to produce trucks when others are unable. Our philosophy on brokerage is simple – take care of the carriers, and they’ll take care of you. So far, this has been a winning strategy!

Customer-Specific Solutions

With no minimum order sizes and rate packages customized to each customer, our goal is to help you grow. Reach out to discuss what our team can do for you. 

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