New Customers

Big or small, Coldstream Logistics is committed to our customers

At Coldstream Logistics, we service perishable manufacturers of any size. We are passionate about molding a unique service offering that fits your specific size, locations, needs and expectations.

We understand the stringent timelines and precise stipulations of shippers and receivers as well as the strong competition in the perishable supply chain industry.  Therefore, we make it our duty to our customers to handle every aspect of the refrigerated supply chain process for you. From the door to the dock, we manage all of your transportation requirements.

Coldstream provides Quality & Efficient Solutions

With the latest technology and equipment, we ensure quality control for every one of our customers.

We’ve molded our services to eliminate the stress and hassle for our customers associated with managing transportation. For example, we provide service reports, including specific delivery details as well as satellite tracking, which enables our customers to know where their products are at any point during the transportation process.

To learn more about our service offerings and the customer-oriented details that make our company flexible and uniquely positioned to manage your business needs, contact us today.

Join us in our commitment to the environment

Learn more about SmartWay, a public/private collaboration, on the EPA website.

COLDSTREAM Logistics is honored to be an USEPA administered Smartway Transport Partner. As a Smartway Transport partner, COLDSTREAM voluntarily joins with freight carriers, shippers and logistics companies in working to achieve improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions from freight transport in the United States.

COLDSTREAM Logistics is committed to maintaining and expanding our green initiatives. For instance, our paperless invoicing system allows customers to receive and return their invoices through e-mail and fax, reducing paper waste and increasing efficiency.