Our shipment trackingsets us apart from other transportation shipping companies. We offer:
VisiFreight - Internet Shipment & Load Tracking

Real-time information on every shipment/load is always available, including notification of delays when necessary. Changes made with the dispatch systems are automatically reflected in the VisiFreight display, eliminating the need for customers to call COLDSTREAM directly.

Click VisiFreight to track your PO.

VisiFreight provides you with...

  • Complete Visibility: Shipments and loads are visible from pickup to delivery
  • Accessibility: VisiFreight is Web-based and accessible from any PC
  • Security: With a dedicated username and password, customers will view their own shipments/loads upon login
  • Time Savings: Cut down time spent on the phone getting answers to shipment/load questions
  • Real-Time Status: Customers know in real-time the status of every shipment/load 
  • Automatic Updates: VisiFreight can automatically send email updates when shipments/loads are picked up and delivered.
  • Dispatcher Defined Alerts: VisiFreight automatically distributes dispatch alerts to the appropriate customers when necessary
  • Historical Data: Easily recall trip data from history on previously completed loads
  • Document Imaging: Scanned in load documents can be retrieved by customers online


COLDSTREAM Logistics is honored to be a Smartway Transport Partner.  We are committed to improving our carbon footprint by reducing paper waste and promoting a paper-free work environment. 

In an effort to maintain our green initiatives, COLDSTREAM Logistics has implemented a paperless invoicing system.
All invoices and related supporting documents can be transmitted via email or fax. This process accelerates our billing cycle while eliminating waste and improving efficiency.  These administrative savings allow us to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.