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The Coldstream Family

Dan Palus                                           

Howard A. Schillinger
724-741-9600 x722

Lauren Kruth
724-741-9600 x729

Andrew P. Schillinger
Vice President
724-741-9600 x725

Heather Browne
Director of Operations
724-741-9600 x760

Jim Short
Director of Logistics
724-741-9600 x726

Nick Carlisle
Dispatch Supervisor
724-741-9600 x731

Dina Maxwell
Customer Service Manager
724-741-9600 x730

Jennifer Young
Director of Brokerage Operations
724-741-9600 x763

Bob Oberley
Safety / Recruiting Manager
724-741-9600 x723

Abbey Tillison

Accounting Manager

724-741-9600 x724

Raymond Andreoletti
Payroll / Accounts Payable Supervisor
724-741-9600 x734

Ronda Harvin
Accounts Receivable
724-741-9600 x721

Faye Harrington
Load Tracking / Customer Service
724-741-9600 x728